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Guilt. sin

As a child, I dreaded autumn with such vehemence that I thought with sheer determined hatred I could (somehow) shift the earth’s axis to reclaim the lost rays of summer sun.  As I kicked dead leaves on my way home from school, my hatred would lead to submissive acceptance of the months to come.  Eventually I would acclimate to the dark, the cold, the solitude.  Time passed so slowly.

Sun. style

While it is cliché to assert the passage of time tends to speed with age, I do find myself more occupied with other activities as an adult.  I find less time to get hung up on (or notice) the changing seasons.  With that said, there are a few things that I can appreciate about the colder months.   Perhaps most shocking to me is the fact that I am thankful for the cold’s ability to persuade the hideous people around me to cover themselves with thicker layers.

I will not sugarcoat this.  We have become a country of excess – and it is exhausting.  Through my somewhat limited experiences I’ve surmised that we tend to stand alone.  Other wealthy states and nations have developed self control over their incessant need for over consumption.  Yet, for some reason, we can’t help ourselves.  When did self control start tasting so bitter?  When did we give up, or did we even try?  When did our meaningful pursuits become nothing more than disposable pleasures?  The seemingly natural order of our greed knows no bounds.

Caught nude.

Congratulations.  You disgust me.

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True North

You’ve met me at a strange time in my life.

How pretentious am I to assume that these words are written for anyone except myself?  No, this is personal.  It is written for one person, and it isn’t you.  Yet if you choose to read it, I can only hope it will assist you in some way.  Perhaps it will provide support in finding your own direction.

endless roads

Lets leave names and faces out of this.

The title refers to my constant state of restlessness I’ve dealt with ever since childhood.  Now I find myself in my late twenties, on the backside of a lengthy education, and slave to a constant urge to question the things that most people find obligatory, fulfilling and true.

A good friend summed it up nicely.  “You know what your problem is?  You are never satisfied with anything.  Ever.”

She was right.  It is my problem.  I’ll deal with it.  Welcome to my life of discontent.