The March Hare

Enough with the abstraction and vague prose.  I’m sitting comfortably at the kitchen table, fully decompressed from two and a half weeks of travel, fluctuating somewhere between complete contented enlightenment and red-line panic attack.

I use travel as an crutch to support my broken view on my adult life.  After several discussions with a person very close to me, I waver on the edge of completely swallowing the red pill and willingly falling down the rabbit hole (so to say).    The question becomes whether I am willing to accept a certain level of detachment from ordinary life (insomuch as a 9-5 job, house in the suburbs and a wife that I inevitably cheat on).  I must admit some regularity (and steady income) would be welcome, but the American Dream tends to sicken me.

Recently an acquaintance ask if I was ready to “settle down”.  After a few moments of contemplation, I shook my head in disagreement and responded, “No, I hope I never do.”  When asked why, I asserted that settling down implies a certain level of acceptance that I “settled” for something less.  Actively seeking a depressing state such as that isn’t appealing at all.


4 thoughts on “The March Hare

  1. Kerry Hosken says:

    As I’ve said before, do not settle! You will always resent the one that ‘forced’ that upon you. However, when you find the right person or situation where you see yourself as content, giving away a few old dreams for the new reality and new dreams becomes effortless.

  2. You will inevitable take the Red Pill. Just questioning the standard life script means the pill is in your hand already. The standard life script was written by women and fearful men. It’s reinforced by a culture too terrified to accept alternatives. Worse, the standard life script is soul-killing for men. It teaches that men must be supplicating and submissive to their women. It ignores the biological reality that men must take the lead, make the big decisions, and take the risks.

    The Red Pill awaits. The Manosphere will be your reward.

    • I’ve known this for quite some time. Lately I have just had trouble hiding my ardent disgust for the general order of things. The casual acceptance of life as we’ve come to know it. The beaten resignation I see in the dead eyes of men who are too afraid to stand up and take what they want.

      It is an exhausting thought knowing that choosing the red pill means a life of fighting a never ending current. But if that means a life free from compromise, I will gladly fight everyday. For the rest of my life.

  3. Marco Yazzie says:

    never submit, the catalyst must start somewhere, human revolution…

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